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This Matter of Obsession!

An alcoholic was stranded on a desert island with no food or 'drink' or way to escape.
He found a bottle and dusted it off and a magic genie appeard.
"You have freed me!" exclaimed the genie, "I grant you three wishes!"
"Anything I want?" the alcoholic asked.
"Yes, any three things you want!" the genie replied.
"Oh WOW! I want a bottle of Rum that always stays full!" cried the drunk.
POOF! The bottle appeared. When a big drink was taken it ws still full!
"Oh WOW Oh WOW!" the drunk exclaimed.
Still drinking the genie is looking at his watch... "You still have two more wishes!"
Holding the bottle high the drunk exclaimed "Oh WOW! I want two more of these!"