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This Matter of Blackouts!

An old timer was sitting in the day room of a detox centre waiting for the AA meeting to start. In popped a new young kid, about 18 years old, eyes as big as saucers and sitting upright at the table; his hair was standing straight up like a peaked afro,with multiple bright colored streaks, the colours included yellow, red, blue, orange.

The old timer just sat and stared at him.The nervous kid looked away, but could feel the old timers stare burning in to the back of his head. The kid turned around and the old timers was still staring at him. After several episodes of this, the kid could not take it anymore and he jumped up and screamed, dangit old man, haven`t you ever got drunk and done something wild?

The old timer calmly said to him....."sure kid one time I got drunk and woke up next to a parrot, and I was just wondering if you was my kid..... keep coming back, you'll fly through this programme if you work it".